Winter & the Meaning of Life

Winter & the Meaning of Life

Winter & the Meaning of Life


Winter isn’t for everyone, and it isn’t even for some people all the time. Some people can handle it for a minute, and some nutcases love it all year round and chase it. I have met some of each kind in my lifetime, living on both beaches and mountain tops. Personally I like the ‘in between’, that middle time of campfires and sweaters and red leaves.


Living in the colder States, winter seems to stick around. Remembering last year, and how late it felt like spring came, looking forward now is daunting. Will we really just live on through the winter like it's no big deal? When in fact, it is a true act of cunning genius that we can live in subzero temperatures at all. 


Look at us, more defenceless than a cat, or a dog, left outside with no clothes or shoes in the winter we surely die. Driving through major cities I am shocked at the number of homeless people that actually LIVE in these freezing landscapes. 


So is it then a miracle that we exist? Winter. The world is frozen. I sit inside and type away, the heater rumbling along gently, the cats at my feet and the dog sleeping peacefully. We have it all figured out, I tell myself, as I try to forget the daily tragedies of life. 


This is the meaning of life I think. Not the object in hand, not the bank account or the status or the fame. Not the fancy home or car or sexy girlfriend. Not which religion or gender or sex.


I think the meaning of life is finding your ‘moment’. Your moment when you realise that life is a miracle. And maybe your moment will happen when it's cold outside, in the middle of winter. Your moment when you see that your existence, your feeling and seeing and loving and hating and fucking and laughing and yelling, is success. That’s it. You are doing it, you are living. A miracle. Winter or not. 

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