Traveling With Pants for World Peace

Traveling With Pants for World Peace

Travelling With Pants

I’d never seen a tumbleweed until I came to the United States, and the first time I saw one, it was rolling freely and wildly along the pavement. It looked like a skeleton of some strange pokemon, and I fell in love with it immediately. A second one came flying by, bringing me instant joy, only for it to be obliterated by a truck coming the other direction. 

Feeling strangely like the tumbleweed, I empathized with it, then and now. And then I wondered how many other people feel that way. Am I giving inanimate objects character and personality more than most? Connecting with a plant is a bit wacky.. Or is this pretty normal…

Supposing I am not that different, I am just a reflection of you, and them, as well as the tumbleweed. They are one and the same. 

Today is a pretty neat day for me, I’m wearing leggings that I designed, and this is my first time wearing this style out in public. We are on a road trip, and stopping for gas just now in tumbleweed country, someone commented on my pants. They’re a colorful graffiti style cat face pattern, and I love them. She did too, apparently.

It made me wonder, just how much are we all alike? I see the common thread in so many different aspects, things that tie us together and unite us in unusual ways. I think my point is this - life is about finding the funny ways we connect, even if that’s just a short conversation about tumbleweeds, or commenting on someone’s art because it pleased you. Knit the thread through your day and see who else picks it up. 

The world is a dark place these days, there is more violence and discord on earth than I believe any of us anywhere would prefer, and giving it attention gives it more power. So quite possibly the answer to world peace is just that we all lean further into our quirks, and see what binds us as human beings. The sillier the better. 


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