Suboptimal Timeline

Suboptimal Timeline

Suboptimal Timeline

When the space time continuum is fucked with, it affects everyone. Literally everyone, including bugs and fishes and birds and every single living and non living thing on this planet. It would stand to reason then, that maybe fucking with the global and multiversal timeline might not be a wise idea. 

What wild and crazy things have you witnessed recently? From the mundane like celebrity malfunctions to the great and wondrous seas taking over billionaire cities… animals coming back from extinction and other ones morphing into species not yet seen. Good people dying and bad people prospering. The great divide between classes is only broadening. I am not certain that the Hadron Collider didn’t do anything to the world, and I am also not certain that it didn’t.

Shit is crazier than ever. I hear insane stories from nearly everyone I talk to, see batshit crazy stories online and on the news. Are we truly crumbling? I seek the answers of finding peace within. This becomes much harder when faced with the anti-timeline. 

Watching time travel shows on Disney and Netflix and I feel myself thinking “Oh yeah I can relate” as if I had some strenuous time travel problems of my own, and then I consider reality, and I say yeah, ok. Sure. I do have some misconceptions about the world and about what should be and what is. 

Let’s wax poetic, or pontificate, or philosophize about the shit world we have created. Would it not be easier to admit it is all of our own creation? That would mean harder confessions and deeper admissions, we are our own Devil and our own God. We are not in control of time, and damned if we won’t fuck it all up just because. 

These are the ravings of a crazy person, the rantings of a woman lost in time. With the reverse beep-beep blasting, I can dump truckfuls of bullshit on anyone as long as I obey the noise ordinance. We are crumbling, like pasta not dried properly and dog shit after the winter melts away. 

This timeline sucks, and that is much easier than admitting it only sucks because humanity has failed itself. 

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