Holiday Blues

Holiday Blues

Holiday season is rough for some of us. It isn't that easy, with things like family, or alcohol, drug addiction, financial issues, or housing. How can some of us celebrate when we are missing a lost loved one? I wonder these things when the holidays roll around. We gather together and cause chaos, it is almost a guarantee that at least one person will drink too much and make a scene. Yet we do it, year after year, creating memes about it and laughing uncomfortably.

Merry fuckin' Christmas and stuff the fuckin' Turkey. Bah humbug and all that. 

How I usually feel for Thanksgiving and Christmas is a combination of hope and sadness. Anxiety and joy combined. I am sure I'm not alone either. I know how many Scrooges exist, and I would like to extend my empathy to all of you.

Silly things like Dinosaurs opening gifts around a Christmas tree, and Cats wearing Hats, is how I will revel in my Holiday Spirit. Honoring those that aren't with us, with humour. 

Laughing in inappropriate times is certainly one of my traits, awkwardness is a quality not a flaw. Uniqueness shows itself in funny ways, and I love it when we can find a unifying unique factor in life. It is the peculiar way that being different can bring us together. 

Same same, but different.

I have found my way to enjoy the holidays. I know it won't be stress free, and that is okay with me. I will adjust my bearings accordingly, keep my substance consumption to as low a level as possible, and do my very best.

That is all we can do... our best. People ask me "what are you doing?" and I like to reply "my best".

Happy Holidays, they are right around the corner. Be ready, it will be crazy, but it will be fun. We got this! 

Go team Planet Yess!

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