Fuck What People Think

Fuck What People Think

Be Weird, and Be Curious 

Youth is something we all value, prioritize, and cherish. Is it an attitude? Or is it looks? Maybe it is so much more than just ‘being young’. These days I find I don’t like most twenty-something’s. I’m not sure where common decency and simple politeness went, but it isn’t in conversations had with some of todays youth. I say that like I’m an old person, one of those white haired cranky old fuckers. 


Maybe I am, or maybe I look forwards to being that strange old lady someday. I’m not sure I blame young people today though, it’s not like they have it easy. Competing with the standards presented by social media must be daunting when you’re just trying to figure out who the fuck you are. The world screams about who you should be, and the focus is never about ‘finding your unique self’ it’s more about proving you’re just as cool. 


Cool as what though? I’d rather be different and strange than normal and boring. I’d rather be the weird woman down the street with the crazy yard art and the odd hair and colorful clothing. Fuck what people think, especially these young’uns with their judgement and their rudeness. Fuck being plain. Fuck being basic. 


Let’s bring some attention to the odd, the strange, the curious. Let’s devote some affection to the weird, the different, the noble. Integrity goes hand in hand with kindness, and an open mind goes hand in hand with acceptance. Judge not lest ye be judged, right? Throwing stones in glass houses and some other shit like that. 


Staying in my lane, I have literally been driven into, driven off the highway by a maniac in a van. Sometimes I feel like people do that in daily life, with their words meant to derail you. 


Well I’m going to meditate on how not to let them ruffle my feathers, when they try to put me down I will take it as a compliment. I threaten their comfort zone by pushing limits of what they’ve been told. Old ladies don’t act like this, or do they? 


Fuck what people think, old or young, thicc or thin, be nice and be weird. That’s all the world needs right now. More kindness, and more curiosity. 

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