Deep Thoughts...

Deep Thoughts...

I’m not really certain any of this is real. I don’t see a way in, or a way out. There is just this game that we are all playing. I sit and listen to the rain. I sit and watch the water rising. I see it on tiktok and instagram and in my front yard. Is it the ship that is sinking? Or does the water rise to meet us?

Driving through the drizzling weather, heavy and grey and low, I see everyone has the same stern expression. A smile cracks it like sunshine and clouds. Not often. Enough to feel like my vitamin D might really be too low.

Dog walks in this are more sand and gravel than walk. You take the walk. The dog wants to go. Bring home the wet animal to towel it off and realise your coat isn’t exactly waterproof anymore. Shrug it off and see this is just another day. Another rainfall. Another cycle of walk the dog and hang the coat and make the supper and go to bed.

Maybe tomorrow when we wake up, we can go create something. 

Maybe that is how we change things. Maybe it is only in the act of creating that we build a way in, and add more ways out. Reach for something you can create with, even if it is just a meal. Or a song sung in the shower. Creating has no rules. 

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