Another Rainy Day in November - Blog #3

Another Rainy Day in November - Blog #3
Blog From Outer Space #3
Another Rainy Day in November



The sound of rain is often used in sleep soundtracks to help people fall asleep. It's peaceful. I sit in my camper trailer and listen to the rain patter on the tin roof. This is pure comfort, and I reach for my cat in the window. He purrs, a little cat chirp, and reaches for me. Oh Big Stretch, I say to him. He makes that little sound he makes when he yawns. I smile.

There is nothing better in life, than the peace of a rainy day and a sleeping pet. Possibly add in a cup of tea, and some biscuits, and it improves but only slightly. I am content, and grateful. There is no wind today, the rain falls straight down. The weather forecast says it will rain all day, and all through the week. This is fine with me, as I have computer work to do, and cats to sit with. 

I wonder if other people find their joy in small moments like this. Do other people sit in the quiet and revel in their furry companionship like I do? At the top of the list of accomplishments in life, is winning the trust of animals. A person that all creatures find comfort in, is a deeply calm and steadfast person. 

Aiming to be the chosen one when it comes to my cats, I do all that I can to ensure their happiness and safety. The two often do not coincide. Yet here we are, warm and dry inside our tiny home, watching the rain fall. Stark rivulets snake down the window panes in little rivers. Defying gravity. 

Gravity, just because you say it isn’t so doesn’t mean you’ll float away. Maybe if this rain doesn’t stop, we can float home a different way. I hear a groan, and see the dog is enjoying its place on my bed. Upside down with paws in the air, moaning its lament about the weather.

The opposition of cats and dogs. My feline friends prefer the security of indoors, while the dog would rather be covered in mud outdoors. The both of them have conceded, and lay together. Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. I put the kettle on for tea, and continue to improve the day.

My best wishes to you and your furry loved ones, this day and all days.

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